Dog Boarding Sausalito

Dog Boarding Sausalito

“Sid's Not So Vicious Bow Wow Brigade”


Welcome!  “Dog Boarding Sausalito”  is a Bay Area Boutique Dog Boarding & Training Service, located in Sausalito.

All dogs in my care are considered family and are treated as such!  We are all about social, physical and intellectual stimulation, not to mention sheer joy!  My specialty is small dogs (35 lbs & under).

My boarding service ensures focus (for manners training and safety), tlc (just because it’s fun for me) and extraordinarily personalized time for your loved one; I have a maximum of 3 dogs staying with me at ALL times.  The pups are with me day and night.  They stay in my home with me and of course, “Nunzio” my beloved cardigan corgi!  They are included in ALL our daily activities. There is not a lonely moment to be had with us!

Our hikes/manners sessions, leave our paw prints all over the bay area’s most sought after doggie hot spots . These excursions include training (positive reinforcement only), vigorous exercise, socialization and gratuitous amounts of affection.


Take a look around and contact me with any questions you may have!