Dog Boarding Sausalito

Dog Boarding Sausalito

“Sid's Not So Vicious Bow Wow Brigade”

The Beginnings of Our Fabulous Furry Family!

About me, Sid…

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One sunnyish San Francisco day in 2001 while playing with my dog “Hilde” (my sweet Siberian) in Corona Heights Dog Park, I realized that I needed a change.   After working as a Management Consultant for almost 12 years I knew I wanted to spend my days doing something I truly loved; and there is nothing I love more than bonding with dogs.

In 2007 I graduated from DogTec Academy in San Francisco.  The curriculum includes Canine Learning Theory, Communication, Body Language, First Aid Certification & Pack Management.  The Academy educated me in ways I was not prepared for.  What I DID expect was that this was a way to understanding and building a solid foundation with my dogs and their moms & dads.  What I DID NOT expect was how deeply in love I would fall  (ok, I had an inkling).  Still though, quite the epiphany!

Fast forward to today.  I have been successfully & ecstatically walking, training and boarding dogs for over 12 years.  I am still as passionate, committed and thankful to be doing what I do now, as I was when I began pursuing this dream.