Dog Boarding Sausalito

Dog Boarding Sausalito

“Sid's Not So Vicious Bow Wow Brigade”

Doggie Hot Spots

Rodeo Beach (Fort Cronkhite) … Sausalito

So close, yet seemingly worlds away.  Feels like a remote, private getaway.  Tailor made for our four legged beach bums!  Reminiscent of the Sonoma/Mendocino/Humboldt coasts, Rodeo Beach is rarely crowded (during the week) and has soooo much area where the babies can and DO, frolic!  Great set up for supervision.  No obstruction to voice control, head counts and photo ops.  Superb doggie hot spot!

Blithesdale Summit Open Space Preserve … Mill Valley

Perfect venue for practicing on leash manners!   These fire roads are great exercise.  Their noses come alive with olfactory delight! Stimulation abounds thanks to the flora, fauna, streams and just plain outdoorsy yumminess these trails offer up.

Corona Heights Dog Run … San Francisco

This dog run is ideal for training and supervised doggie mixers (socialization).  It is fenced in and has plenty of space for the pups to sniff, butt chuck, chase, tousle and occasionally sneak in a kiss or two when I’m (supposedly) not looking.  Again, perfect for training advanced recall (coming when called from a particularly intense distraction…that is, playing w/their buds).  The technical term for this achievement is “bullet proof recall”.  This partay leaves the kids anxious to crawl up in a ball and snooze away until their chariot bids them adieu.  We love this locale!

Land’s End … San Francisco

These trails are made for the brigade!  Bicycles, horses and other riff raff are prohibited.  This is a wonderful off leash venue!  The trails are cordoned off; which discourages off trail adventures.  The breeze off the bay is so refreshing.  Once again a feast for the senses.  Special bonus…air conditioning!!

Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve … Novato / Marin County

Four words… OFF LEASH FIRE ROADS!   Though challenging cow steamers may enter our path; we steadfastly saunter on past!   These bovine offerings are a perfect opportunity for distraction training.  The variety of demanding hikes for a cool day, and more leisurely excursions for less optimal conditions are a perfect mix for guaranteeing a custom made triste for the angels.

Lucas Valley Open Space Preserve … Marinwood / Marin County

In my search to find the most exotic and sumptuous venues for our little loves, I happened upon this rugged jewel.  Once again, that four word mantra I’m ever so fond of… “OFF LEASH FIRE ROADS”.  The Luiz and Big Rock Ridge Fire Roads are absolutely lovely.  These particular jaunts are reserved for those pups whose OLYMPIC sized energies need an outlet!   The views from the top are spectacular; boasting a 360 degree panoramic delight of the entire Bay Area.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on this trek who savors this sight!